In Social Media, Content is King

In spirit of Social Media Day, I wanted to share my opinions about the top 5 musts a business should have on social media. I’ve done a lot of work analyzing businesses and their use of social media. Some do a great job, others need a little help.

1. Have a personality. Businesses should try to have a personality on social media and not sound like a robot. The user will find this much more engaging if the language is natural and not scripted. Have fun on social media!

2. Be engaging. Ask your fans questions, get them involved! Social media is a two-way communication. Traditional marketing is still seen, but social media lets you answer your fans and engage with them. Take advantage of that! It goes a long way!

3. Have fun! Use pictures and links that show engagement and interaction. Make your posts fun, but relevant to your company. Dunkin’ Donuts does a great job at this. Their posts are always fun and engaging. Who doesn’t love a coffee swimming in a pool?

4. Listen, listen, listen. It’s important to engage with your fans, but it’s also important to listen to them. What are they saying? What do they like? What don’t they like? Use this information to make your brand better!

5. Content is King. Strategize your content. Don’t just post to post. Have a reason behind it. Your fans will look to you as a resource and they will continue to visit you.

Happy #SMDay!

 Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 8.41.32 PM
Image credit: Google images

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