3 Takeaways from #Inbound14

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 9.42.40 PM
#Inbound14 has come and gone. I was counting down the days until I could attend this conference in Boston. I couldn’t wait to be among social media pros in the industry. (I know I am a marketing nerd!) It was an amazing experience and I want to share some of the tips that I learned and hopefully you will find these just as useful as I did.

1. Content is King. We’ve all heard this saying. We hear it on Twitter and on the web. We all need to know that this is true! Your content will not go viral online if it is just so-so. Your content needs to reach your fans in an engaging way and make them want to share it with others. Plan your content carefully and it will pay off. Don’t just post something to post it. Make sure you have a strategy behind.

2. Visual storytelling is worth a thousand words…literally. Visual images on social media is worth more than text. Images should be creative and add humor. Connect with your fans in a visual way. No Twitter or Facebook post should go without an image. People are visual and don’t have time to read a ton of text. Use pictures! (Shout out to #BenefitBeauty, love your #BeautyBoost tweets and images!)

3. Engage with your fans, don’t sell. The last point that I found useful is to engage with your social media fans. Don’t just post something and hope people respond. Post something that will make people respond. Engage with your fans and ask them questions. Don’t always sell your product or service because you will lose people. Post information that they will find relevant and useful. Keep them as a fan and they will talk about your company!

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