Why I Love Social Media

Social media. What do you think of when you hear people talk about it? Twitter or Facebook? To me, social media is a segment of marketing that is growing exponentially and it’s definitely a fun time to be a marketer. But why do I love social media? Below are my three reasons:

1. Engage with customers. Social media allows you to engage with your customers and have a 2-way conversation. You don’t get that with traditional marketing tactics like billboards or newspaper ads. You can search and see what your customers are saying about you and respond. I had a great experience with Victoria’s Secret and Amazon not too long ago. I had a problem with a recent purchase, tweeted out to them, got a response in less than a day, and a refund to my account. That’s how you keep happy customers! Kudos to you both!

2. More pictures please. We all know that our customers’ attention span is little to none. Visuals and images are amazing in social media. It’s really true that a picture is worth a thousand words. Just make sure that you are using the correct visual for each platform. Visuals allow you to have fun with your brand. Keep using those pictures! Dunkin Donuts does a great job with this. They are always sharing pictures of their customers with their coffee cups and even fun Vine videos with cups and football.

3. Curating content. I love to create content that customers engage with. There is a strategy behind it and when you see your customers respond to your content, you know you have succeeded so keep trying and don’t give up! Content curation isn’t going anywhere soon! Have you ever heard that content is king?

What are your favorite aspects to social media? Comment below and share them with  me!

(Image credit: Google images)

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