3 Things NOT to do on LinkedIn

Social media is all around us. Everywhere you look you find people tweeting on their phones or checking into a location on Facebook. LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media networks for professionals. LinkedIn is NOT like Facebook and there are many important differences. I’ll talk about the top three things not to do on LinkedIn.

1. Do not treat LinkedIn like Facebook. LinkedIn and Facebook are two totally different social networks with two different purposes. Facebook is more personal while LinkedIn is for professional purposes. Do not post personal status updates on LinkedIn like you would on Facebook. Instead, curate or create content that is relevant to your career and industry. This will allow influencers in your field to see what you are writing and share your content with their connections. You never know if this could lead to a job in the future. Save your late night check-ins for Facebook.

2. When you are making updates to your profile, save sharing updates with your connections until you are finished. Ever see some of your connections on LinkedIn update their picture, experience, and volunteer activities all within 30 minutes and you get updates each time? This can be annoying to your connections. Make all of your updates and then share with your connections. You won’t bombard them with small updates to your profile.

3. Do not spam people. It’s fine if you don’t know someone on LinkedIn, but personalize your invite on why you want to connect with them. Don’t spam people and connect with everyone on LinkedIn. This will make you look unreliable to other professionals.

Have any other tips to share? Comment below!

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