My chemo bag is full!

My fourth round of chemo is coming up and I am so ready to check another treatment off my calendar. That means I’ll only have 2 left. TWO!! I am so excited to be done this part of the journey and I cannot believe how fast time has gone. Being done with this phase of treatment, also makes me worry. It’s important to not let cancer ruin or run my life, but there will always be questions in my mind.

I thought I would share what I bring to chemo with me. I bring a HUGE black bag that holds everything and anything I may need while I’m getting chemo. I am a planner so of course I need to have everything just incase I need it.

  • Fuzzy blanket: It gets cold in the infusion rooms so my nice and cozy blanket comes in handy! My hospital also gives out heated blankets but there is something comforting with my own blanket.
  • Coloring books and colored pencils: I am OBSESSED with the new adult coloring books. I’m at the hospital for awhile so this definitely helps speed up the time. It’s also stress relieving!
  • Tons of water and fluids: It’s so important to stay hydrated while getting chemo. I bring a plastic water bottle and fill it up about ten times. I also bring Gatorade because the electrolytes are also good. (My hospital provides snacks and lunch.)
  • Hand sanitizer: Germs, stay away!
  • Lemon drops: Sometimes it’s good to suck on hard candy.
  • iPad: Just incase I get bored!
  • Sweater and scarves: Since the hospital does get cold, it’s important to bring layers. You never know when a hot (or cold) flash will strike!
  • My notebook: I bring a notebook with me to all of my appointments with my doctors. It’s a place where I can make sure I ask all of my questions and write down notes. I also bring this to chemo with me incase my chemo nurse has any other tips.
  • Tissues: My nose always seems to run so it’s great to have Kleenex on hand.
  • Symbols of courage: Some friends and family have given me special items and I keep them in my chemo bag.
  • Hand lotion and Chapstick: My hands and lips are extra dry because of chemo. These usually help!
  • Sleeping mask and fuzzy socks: Just incase I want to take a little nap. (This hasn’t happened yet, but as you know, I’m a planner and need to have them in my bag just incase.)
  • Support system: This has to be the most important thing to bring to chemo. My friends and family have been absolutely amazing. It definitely makes the time fly by when people are talking to you and making you laugh. (To my friends and family: THANK YOU for keeping me company!)

What do you bring to chemo with you? Comment below and talk to me!

3 thoughts on “My chemo bag is full!

  1. you should really write a book for people going through this when you are all done. It really reminds me of the show that was on a few months ago about a young woman who was battling cancer. I continue to be amazed by your strength and positivity!

    1. Thank you so much, Joanne! It’s funny you say that because I was definitely thinking that writing a book after all of this would be a great goal! 🙂 I also hope it would help others!

  2. You are the most positive person I know! Thank you for Showing me how to be strong too! I❤️U❣

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