Last chemo party! Yay!

Monday, May 2nd is my last chemo! I could not be happier to close this chapter on this crazy journey. Chemo has been manageable, but I cannot wait to let my body recover, rest, and get back to my old energy level. My 5th round of chemo was definitely challenging since the fatigue lingered for about a week. Lets be real, I cannot wait for my taste to stay and for my hair to grow! I plan on sharing my hair growth journey with you all as well!

I also cannot wait to say “I am a Survivor.” I never thought those words could be so powerful until now. Cancer can completely wipe away my beauty. It can take my hair, my taste and my energy, but it cannot take away my determination and willpower to fight this and make sure it NEVER comes back. Although no one can predict the future, I’m happy to know that I am doing everything I can to destroy any cancer cell that is left in my body. I also cannot wait to enjoy life. I know something happy will come when I am done all of this. I don’t know what it is, but I can feel it.

So lets talk about the party that is happening on May 2nd. Of course, we are partying on the infusion floor! We are celebrating by:

  • Β Wearing “Stronger Than Cancer, #WeFightWithMonique t-shirts.Β (Thanks to my sisters and parents for ordering these! They are pretty awesome! Pics to come!)
  • Making pink cupcakes for my care team
  • Designing a “YAY! No more chemo! sign
  • Wearing ONE Alex and Ani braceletΒ – I wore 6 Alex and Ani bracelets that have a special meaning to me. After each round of chemo, I removed a bracelet. So I cannot wait to remove this one!


Also, on May 14th, my family and I will be participating in the Relay for Life. If you are interested in joining us, click here.

I cannot wait to share my last chemo pics with you all!

Stay strong and beautiful.



12 thoughts on “Last chemo party! Yay!

  1. Luv your excitement. Celebrate!!!

  2. What more can I say my dear daughter Monique than, Amen!πŸ™ God has given you the strength to deal with this Big bump in the road! A parents job is to teach their children strength, wisdom, and courage, but it’s very different when your children has taught her parent all these special gifts! I want to thank you for coming into my life and for teaching me how to get through this. It’s been a rather sad at times but, we can look back and say, ” We made it together!” We have a wonderful family and I would NEVER change that!! I love you and I’m so looking forward to the journey ahead!πŸ™πŸ˜˜πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ

    1. Thank you for your endless help and support during this time too. I cannot wait to celebrate! Love you so much! xoxo

  3. Life and Other Turbulence April 27, 2016 — 3:34 am

    So glad you are just about done with chemo! CELEBRATE! And then go on to enjoy every single day going forward. Cancer is an experience that changes your perspective immeasurably. I hope you NEVER have to face cancer again, but be smart and stay vigilant. And know that you DO have the strength to face whatever the future may hold. Wishing you a lifetime of joy and happiness and especially GREAT HEALTH!

    1. Thank you so much! You’re so sweet! Wishing you so much happiness and great health as well! xoxo

  4. Thank you for this post, so full of hope & joy its infectious 😘

  5. I’m halfway through chemo & have similar feelings. Can’t wait for the no more chemical taste in mouth.

  6. Monique, we are so happy for you and your family to read that you completed this important phase of your therapy and that very soon the side effects of your last treatment will be behind you. Your father gives me quick updates at work. He mentioned this week a phone app you found that one can use to determine if foods and consumer products contain harmful ingredients. If you have a chance, no urgency here, please could you point me to where I can find it or what it is called?
    By the way has anyone told you that you have a “smile that could light up the whole town”.
    Thank you for spreading your joy to us, Francois & Carolyn

    1. Hi Francois and Carolyn,

      Thank you for the very sweet note! I am very happy to have this part of my journey behind me! Yes, the app is really amazing and I plan on sharing it on my blog soon! It’s called “Think Dirty” and it lists how carcinogenic consumer and personal products are from a scale from 1-10. It’s definitely worth downloading to see if your everyday items could be harmful. You simply scan the barcode on the item and it will tell you a rating. I hope you find it helpful!

      Also, thank you for my gift! I carry it with me in my chemo (soon to be radiation!) bag! Hoping you have a great weekend!


      1. Monique, thank you for your quick response! Well…fragrances and preservatives in our current deodorants and hair gels are not fairing too well. Will be fun to try other brands.
        You are welcome for the small gift, glad you like it. Enjoy the weekend too, Francois

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