WigStyles | Hair Options for the Summer

I hope you all had an amazing Memorial Day weekend. Can you believe that it’s almost June?! Annnddd… that means I’m officially one month post chemo – such an amazing feeling!

Since we are getting a taste of summer, I thought I would share some wigstyles with you all! (Not even sure that’s a word, but that’s what I’m calling it!) For my pink sisters who are wearing wigs, you know that they are HOT. I’ve been struggling with finding a way to stay cool while also looking fashionable. Below are some options that I hope will help you.

  • Hat with Hair
    I have been looking EVERYWHERE for one of these amazing wigs. I went to a hair salon and ordered one, then they told me they were backordered. This was after I looked online for one and didn’t have any luck. I decided to do one more search and found the exact wig I was looking for (and cheap!) from VogueWigs.com. It’s called Hat Magic and you simply put this over your head and you can wear any hat of your choice. It’s cool and chic! If you want the hair off your back, you can put it in a ponytail (YES, a ponytail!) or a bun. It felt amazing to use a hair elastic! (Please don’t mind the no makeup – I’m just relaxing and cleaning today!)


  • Wig Bun
    Who says you cannot put a wig in a bun?! I was told you cannot put your hair up when you are wearing a wig, but I gave it a try! I used a simple clip and just clipped back some pieces of the hair. Since my wig is layered, a few of the pieces fell out, but I thought it looked chic and fabulous! This is just another trick when you are feeling so hot but want to put your hair back.Wiginbun
  • Headscarves
    When it’s way too hot out to wear a wig, there are so many different styles you can do with headscarves. I love this side bun or rosette. There are so many options! Check out this video from Dana Farber on scarf tying tips.

Are there any styles that you recommend? Comment below!

Stay strong!




Look Good Feel Better | Makeup Tips

I attended a Look Good Feel Better class hosted by the American Cancer Society on Monday and it was great! For anyone who doesn’t know, this class talks about makeup, wigs, headscarves and more for women who are currently going through chemotherapy or radiation. The class is free and you get a ton of makeup for FREE. Yes, that’s right. FREE! Who doesn’t love free?! You should sign up today!

The ladies from the American Cancer Society showed me how to apply makeup. A lot of these tips I already knew, but it was nice to get some more help. They also showed us fun ways to tie scarves or how to wash your wig.

Look Good Feel Better.JPG

Also, I learned some makeup tips that I thought it would help anyone who is reading this:

  • When you moisturize your face, use gentle upward strokes. This helps control dryness and create a smooth surface for your makeup.
  • When applying blush, always smile and put it on the apples of your cheeks. Place the blush in an upward stroke and be careful not to put it near your eyes. This can cause you to look puffy.
  • Use an eyebrow powder instead of a pencil for eyebrows. This will make your brows look  more natural. If you lost your brows, look at an old picture of yourself when drawing in your brows.

Do you have any other makeup tips to share? Comment below!



Chemo is Over! | Are your personal products safe?

Well, chemo is officially O-V-E-R! Yay! I promised pictures from our party so here they are!

Now that chemo is over, I have about a month off before I begin 33 rounds of radiation. I will need to do a mapping session and get my tattoos. (Yes, they are real, permanent tattoos that maybe I will design into a heart. Hmmm… ;))

I also wanted to share an app that I heard about at the Stupid Cancer (PLEASE check out this organization if you haven’t. They support the young adult cancer survivor community and are AMAZING!) conference that I attended. I think it is so important to share this with others because I am really wondering if personal products caused my cancer. The app is called “Think Dirty” and you can download it from the App store if you have an iPhone. (I’m sure it’s available for Droid as well.) You simply scan your product and it will rate it from a 1-10 and show how carcinogenic the product is. This completely amazed me. ALL of my products rated a 9 or a 10 and I couldn’t believe it. Who knew that Aveeno body wash that is supposedly “natural and good for your skin” rated a 9 and mimics hormones in the body? (And my tumor was hormone positive – a bit scary.) Below is a picture of what the app looks like:


I’m now switching to all natural and organic products such as body washes and lotions. If you have any recommendations, please leave them in the comments. I’m always searching for a favorite that doesn’t break the bank! I recommend everyone download this app and think twice about what we are putting on our skin!

I recently purchased the following natural products and they rated a 1. I’m in search for an all-natural face moisturizer, body lotion and shampoo/conditioner. I’ll be sure to let you know how they are:

Stay strong and beautiful! (Also prayers for my hair to grow are welcome! ;))