30/33 Rounds of Radiation Done! | Breast Cancer Treatment

Hello my friends!

I know it has been awhile since I wrote a blog post. Things have been so busy between work and finishing up radiation. I also had surgery to remove a toenail today. Another lovely side effect of chemo. It will take a year to grow back – ugh! I promise not to share any pictures of it because it looks so gross!

I currently have finished 30 rounds! I have three left. Only three! Where did the time go?! The past six weeks have flown by. It’s absolutely unreal. On Thursday I will be ringing the radiation bell (pics to come!) and celebrating with my family. I cannot wait! 

Looking back at this journey makes me very emotional. I cannot believe everything I have gone through. From surgery to six rounds of aggressive chemo and radiation burns, I’m a true fighter and survivor. The past few months have been so challenging, but I did it, well almost. On Thursday, I can officially say I beat cancer. That is pretty damn awesome. 

Until then, who is going to celebrate with me on Thursday?! My motto throughout this journey has been keep on smiling. So I will smile really big on Thursday and I cannot wait to share it with you!

Stay strong and keep smilin’😊