Done Radiation! | Breast Cancer Treatment

I’m done radiation!!!! I am so happy that this last step of the journey is behind me. I kicked cancer’s butt! I will officially be done kicking cancer’s butt in February because I need Herceptin infusions every three weeks, but that should be a piece of cake!

I promised I would share some pictures from our party! I also rang the heck out of the radiation bell! Enjoy! 

I’m now back at work full time and waiting for my hair to grow. I waited 3 weeks from my last chemo to really start documenting my hair growth since my chemo was in 3 week cycles. It’s growing, but I wish it would grow faster! If you have any techniques to share, please comment below!

I celebrated with margaritas of course and I cannot wait to start my new life. My life was paused for a bit to deal with all of this but I’m back! I’m ready to be happy!

Stay smilin’