Breast Cancer Survivor Photoshoot

I know it’s been awhile since I wrote a blog post, but this one is definitely worth sharing.

In November, I participated in a breast cancer survivor empowerment photoshoot in Monroe, North Carolina. My friend and I flew down to Charlotte for the night. So many people thought I was crazy, but when you get an opportunity like this, you don’t let it pass you by! (Thank you cancer for teaching me that lesson!)

I got my hair and makeup done by the lovely Katie at Glow Beauty in Charlotte, NC. I absolutely loved how she curled my hair and the natural makeup was perfect! I wish I could do this every day. I truly felt so beautiful!

Then I met Dawn from The Sunshine Project and she does photo shoots for cancer survivors. She is truly wonderful and I loved every picture from my sneak peek. I cannot wait to see them all. Thank you to this lovely team of ladies for making me feel beautiful!

The Bottle Factory is an amazing venue and I wish I could have my wedding there!

Breast cancer at 27? Yeah right. I never would have guessed this would happen to me. Cancer can make you feel ugly. It can strip away your identity. I never in a million years thought I would be bald or gain ten pounds and not recognize myself in the mirror. I never thought I would have to buy all new clothes because my old clothes don’t fit. I never thought I could miss my long and full eyelashes so much. It’s people like Dawn and Katie who made me feel beautiful for the first time in awhile. The smile on my face in all of these photos proves that I am strong and a badass! I truly cannot thank them enough!

Enjoy a few photos from my sneak peek below:

Check back soon to see them all!



6 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Survivor Photoshoot

  1. I enjoyed looking at the smile and glow on your face!!! You are a beautiful woman, as always! Cancer hasn’t defined you, it only made you a stronger and more resilient person! Thank you for showing me how to live life right way! I love you and can’t wait too see what the future has in store for you! Bring on the beautiful wedding to come!

  2. Beautiful smile! This is such a lovely project ❤

  3. This is wonderful! Congrats on being a badass!

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