Why I Had To Stop a Juice Cleanse

If you’ve followed me on Instagram, you probably know how excited I was to try a juice cleanse. I ate badly during the holidays, I mean who doesn’t?! We went out to eat a lot and I ate a lot of sweets. I wanted to do a cleanse because of the great reviews I heard. Many people mentioned they didn’t have cravings so I thought it would be a great way to reset my body.

I did a lot of research and found a great place in Boston called Mother Juice. All of their juices are organic and cold-pressed. They have no preservatives and are all natural. I decided to give the basic cleanse (Refresh) a shot. Since I was new to juice cleansing, I thought I would start small with a two-day cleanse.

The Process of a Juice Cleanse

I received all of the juices at once. They have a very short shelf live since they are all raw so you have to drink them within a day or two.

The juices are numbered so you know which order to drink them. You have a juice every two hours. Drinking water throughout the day is also important to stay hydrated.

The Juices

The juices in the Refresh cleanse are:

  1. The Mojo

2. The Cure

3. C++

4. Kale Yea

5. Hydrating Coconut

6. Cashew Milk

The Taste

These juices weren’t terrible but they weren’t delicious either. The ginger was very powerful and I thought the fruits would be a little sweeter. Some of them were hard to drink.

Overall Review

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish the cleanse because I actually got sick. I was so hungry on the way home from work yesterday that I made a salad. After eating the salad, I had to drink the coconut juice. After two sips, I was in the bathroom throwing up. I thought I would give it another chance and I had GI problems all day. I had a bad headache all day too and just felt nauseous.

I decided to listen to my body and not finish the two days. Sometimes we have these goals and we want to better ourselves but our bodies don’t want to listen. Mine did not like juices all day. I can just take care of my body by working out and eating healthier.

These cleanses can be expensive, so I recommend starting small to see how your body reacts.

Have you tried a cleanse? What did you think of it? Share your comments below!

Disclaimer: These is not an ad or sponsored post. I tried this cleanse and my body didn’t like it. Everyone is different.



3 thoughts on “Why I Had To Stop a Juice Cleanse

  1. I used to do cleanses a lot, and I generally don’t recommend them. Our bodies can detox themselves if we just eat clean, unprocessed foods like lots of veggies, grains, fruits and legumes. Thanks for sharing your experience. Perhaps cleanses will become less trendy?

    1. Thank you for sharing! My body did not like it and I rate healthy and workout! I’ll just have to be more careful! I agree, you hear about them everywhere!

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