Why I Decided to Share My Breast Cancer Journey

Have you ever been so scared of something that you had butterflies in your stomach and your mind couldn’t stop thinking about all the “what ifs?” Like going for a job interview or going off to college for the first time away from your family. The unknown can be scary, really scary. Our minds start going crazy and think about all of the things that could happen. We may not get that job that we worked really hard to get. What if we get home sick when we are away at college? What if we don’t like it? What if college isn’t right for us? The questions go on and on and on.

Being scared of something can also make us form relationships with others. We start to talk to others and see if they felt the same way. Getting advice from other people who were once scared of the same thing you were can be reassuring. We can ask people questions and be a little bit more prepared. Talking to someone who understands your exact situation can be life-changing and make us feel just a little bit better. Like everything is going to be okay.

And that is exactly why I decided to share my breast cancer journey.

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I started sharing my breast cancer journey about two years ago and I was so scared at first. I was scared to show myself without hair and to be vulnerable and sick. I was scared to show that I was weak and that chemo was completely taking control of my body. I was scared to actually believe that I had breast cancer. Did I really have cancer? Hearing those words was completely life changing and I don’t think they will ever escape my mind.

I put all of those scared feelings aside and I started to write. I started to share my journey of getting my head shaved and how I felt during chemo. It was so therapeutic for me to share my story. Then I started receiving comments from other young women all around the world going through the same thing or just hearing the words that they were diagnosed. I didn’t want anyone to feel alone in this awful journey. So many people were reaching out to me thanking me for sharing my story. That is why I wanted to share my journey with others. To make this whole scary cancer thing, a little less scary.

If I can educate ONE woman to check themselves every month, my job is complete. Cancer doesn’t discriminate and I’m sure you’ve heard me say that many times. I had no idea in a million years that I would get diagnosed with breast cancer. I had no symptoms (other than my lump), no family history and I was perfectly healthy.

I want to be that young woman who can help you in this journey of breast cancer and life. If you just found out you need chemo, what should you pack in your chemo bag? I have all the answers! Or how will your hair grow back after chemo? See my hair timeline!

The women I have met during this journey mean so much to me. My tribe of breasties who just “get it” are simply amazing. We can share day-to-day struggles like life after treatment or going through menopause (hot flashes anyone?!).

View More: http://greysonsteelephotography.pass.us/monique-tremblay-survivor-shoot

I never would have these amazing friendships if I didn’t share my story. Come follow along my journey and follow me on Instagram (@moniquerose8).

What is one thing you are scared of? Take that leap because it can be rewarding. I promise. Stay smiling, always.


4 thoughts on “Why I Decided to Share My Breast Cancer Journey

  1. Monique,
    Your pictures are beautiful. I love this post. Survivorship is so much more than leaving it all behind.

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Jenn! It’s so true! 💕

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